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top shelf to you keg trailer"Erica and the team at Top Shelf To You were exceptionally professional and accurate in all details pertaining to permits/licensing, set-up/arrival, interaction with guests, and even ensuring that the venue space was cleared and clean upon departure. It made hosting our event seem effortless."
- Polly Ficek, Lithia Auto Stores"

"We used Top Shelf for our 15 year anniversary party and I will never, ever go with anyone else again! Complete professionalism, excellent service and wonderful prices for our guests. I recommend them for any event, small or large! They were able to accommodate our party of 150, no problem."
- Nichole Murren, Surgery Center of Southern Oregon

"We held our annual banquet at the Medford Armory and hired Top Shelf To You. We had close to 500 in attendance. Erica and her team served our guests for 7 hours. They did an outstanding job, were quick and efficient, and provided drinks for our guests with a smile. I would highly recommend Top Shelf To You for any event."
- Bud Bebeau, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Your special event demands the best in what the host has to offer. Trying to do this on your own requires a vast knowledge of spirits and mixers and the cost alone can cause some hosts to give up With our services there’s no need to worry about what type of alcohol or how much to buy because simply put…we bring it all. We carry the most popular brands available.  

Beer Gardens
We have a variety of keg trailer sizes. Our largest can hold up to 40 kegs and serve 8 different kinds of beer. We also have smaller trailers for smaller venues. For venues that have little or no space for trailers, we have the ability to serve ice cold beer in kegs with the use of a jockey box.

Personal Bartenders
Our personal bartenders are always ready to make your guests feel welcome and accommodate to their needs while serving them with the utmost respect and professionalism. Every employee is trained and licensed to serve in Oregon. From dirty martinis to scotch on the rocks, your guests will always get what they want.

These bars are not folding tables with fancy tablecloths. Our bars are built for high volume situations where functionality, efficiency and style are important. With 16 color LED lights, its eye catching yet elegant. They come fully stocked with a wide variety of mixers and juice, garnishes and glasses. Quick setup and teardown in less than a minute and it’s ready to go.

Licenses and Insurance
Venues require liquor liability insurance which can run up to $400 for just one event. With our services this is already taken care of. We include $1,000,000 host liquor liability insurance plus $1,000,000 general liability coverage standard with every event. We are fully licensed through the OLCC to provide and serve every type of alcohol in any venue. This means you are able to have your event or reception just about anywhere.


Great things are possible with Top Shelf To You

Make your next event top shelf!